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Tine Hartz works are both figurative and abstract, and by having a foot in both worlds, with traditional and modern art, she shows the way through her motto


Tine Hartz (b. 1987, from Modum) is a Norwegian artist who stands out by creating never-before-seen paintings in both traditional and modern art. Ms. Hartz perfected her artistic skills throughout 20 years of continuously working in contradiction of rules. In 2020, she took a step forward in to the light, after honor and glory from Tom Cruise about her innate gift, where he pointed out that «this was just the beginning of great things.»


WOMAN FREEDOM by Tine Hartz symbolizes a woman who has been bound against her will, but who after much struggle has worn herself out. Freedom is one of the most important things to have, but also one of the easiest things to overlook if you have it.


Abstract art gives you the opportunity to create your own thoughts about what the artwork illustrates. Yet the artist often has a thought behind the work. This abstract work illustrates heaven and universe together with time, space and matter. If you mix it together in a jumble of colors – you have a work of art you never get tired of. The rest is up to you.

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